Are you enrolled in Disney Movie Rewards??

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Do you buy Disney DVDs? Do you buy the BluRay combo packs? I know that not everyone has jumped on the BluRay wagon yet. But what If I told you that you could get the BluRay combo packs cheaper than the DVD. Disney is pushing really hard for everyone to come over to the BluRay generation. So, every time they release a new or (re-release an old) movie, there is a coupon for the combo pack. I’ve seen a couple of $5, a couple $8, but usually, it’s $10.00 off. 

The combo pack includes a DVD (by the way,  a BluRay player is backwards compatible, meaning it will play a DVD) and a BluRay disc. It also sometimes includes a digital copy for your iPhone or other device, as well as possible bonus materials. These combo packs sell for anywhere from $25 -$40 depending on the store. HOWEVER, they are usually on sale, have a big promotion or even a rebate available when they are first released. So, this reduced price, coupled with these coupons make them cheaper than just buying the DVD in most cases.


Last year, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were re-released on a combo pack a couple of months before TS3 hit the theaters. They were each $24.99 at Target (comparable prices elsewhere), but if you bought both, the register automatically took off $10. $50 for both became $40. Then, there was a coupon for $10 off each of them  =$20. Inside each pack was a voucher code for a movie ticket to see TS3 when it came out. A movie ticket can be as much as $9.00, so we’ll say -$18.00 = $2.00 for BOTH movies on BOTH DVD and BluRay.

Alice in Wonderland (the original, not Johnny Depp) is now in stores. BestBuy is supposed to have it for $19.99 (Target $22.99). There is a $10 coupon right now that will make it $10. Also, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 is in stores and there is a $10 coupon for it. You have to be a member of Disney Movie Rewards to access the coupons. (Post your email address in a comment on this post and I will send you a referral link.)

Disney Movie Rewards is a website where you enter the codes found in most new Disney DVD or combo packs and you earn points. We bought Evan a CARS scooter for Christmas with DMR points and paid absolutely nothing. Not even shipping. He LOVES it.

There are also free codes available from time to time. Right now, COOL, CHIHUAHUA and CHESHIRE are available for extra points.

Post your email in a comment if you want to join Disney Movie Rewards and access these coupons.

Right now, you can enter the code M1D17PYH9MXZ in your Disney Movie Rewards account and you will get 50 bonus points when you enter a new movie code from a DVD or Blu-Ray before February 15th. (This code must be entered BEFORE the movie code).  Thanks, CouponingtoDisney!

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9 Responses to Are you enrolled in Disney Movie Rewards??

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  2. Jennifer bennett says:

    I would like to join the Disney movie rewards. Thanks!

  3. Nathan Souza says:

    I would like to know when there are disney movie rewards codes.

    • Kari says:

      I usually post them. If you click on the DMR category on the right side, you will find the posts and can try the codes to see if they still work.

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