Oh, how I love Amazon!!! I just got a case of Huggies Overnites for $2.12

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I have spoken A LOT in the past about the AWESOME and AMAZING diaper deals that you can get on Amazon. I just ordered a case of Huggies Overnites and paid $2.12 AND that includes the shipping that will put them on my doorstep Wednesday morning.  Here is the link to the diapers that I bought……

Here is how it happens. You join Amazon Momwhich provides free shipping for a 3 month trial period. That membership also gives you 15% off of any baby related purchase. Next, you sign up for “Subscribe and Save” which means that they will ship you this same order that you are placing now every 1, 2, 3, 6 months – whichever you choose. (You can then cancel the future shipments as soon as your first box ships out.) This “subscribe and save” gives you ANOTHER 15% off the original amount. Finally, there are these discount cards floating around in magazines. This month there is a $10 off in the March Parent’s magazine. I believe there is a 20% in Baby Talk, American Baby, Parenting and supposedly in a baby magazine put out at the Burlington Baby Outlet in the stores. The discount from the card stacks on the other 30% for a total of 50% off the original price of ONE BOX of diapers.

So, my diapers cost $24.46. – (15% from AmazonMom = ($3.67)- 15% for subscribe and save ($3.67) ) $7.34 =17.12 – $10 coupon from March Parent’s magazine  = $7.12 and FINALLY, I had SWAGBUCKS credit that I used to buy a $5 Amazon gift card. So, $7.12 – $5.00 gift card = $2.12 Shipped! Oh, how I LOVE these deals!

Here is a copy of my receipt…just for any doubters :) !

Amazon Prime Member
Items: $24.46
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Promotion Applied -$10.00
Subscription Discount -$7.34
Total Before Tax: $7.12
Estimated Tax: $0.00
Total: $7.12
Gift Certificate/Card: -$5.00
Order Total: $2.12
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  3. Stormi says:

    This is just amazing !

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