My SUPER cheap cereal arrived today!

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If you remember, over the weekend, I told you about the mega-cheap cereal that I ordered on Amazon. If not, here is what happened:

These are the BIG 18.2 ounce boxes that are about 2.5-3 inch thick. There are 4 of them to an order! That comes to just $1.60 per box! These same size boxes are on sale at CVS this week 2 for $5 or $2.50 per box! This is a much better deal and with free shipping, it will be on your doorstep by Wednesday morning! No lines, no coupons, no cranky cashiers who don’t like coupons!

Select to Subscribe and Save to take the $8.58 price to $7.29. Then just enter the code KELRTEC2 at checkout to take off 10% of the original price. (This code might take 10% off ANY kelloggs product, just click the box below and then search for what you want and try it!) Your final price will be just $6.43 or $1.60 a box! Click the box below to get started…

PS. I actually got mine for 37 cents because I had credit in my Amazon account from Swagbucks! Don’t know what Swagbucks are? Click here to find out!

So… that we are all on the same page, just wanted to let you know that they just arrived. The box isn’t as big as I thought because I found a HUGE box of Rice Krispies in my cabinet that was 18oz and these boxes are 18.2. I assumed they would be close to the same size, but I guess the weight is much different. They are still good sized boxes and they ARE 18.2 oz. The box itself is just not as big as I assumed it would be…..sorry for the mistake.  But, either way, here they are!  I ended up paying 37 cents out of pocket for these 4 boxes and free shipping! I LOVE AMAZON!

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