I’d LOVE to hear from more of you!

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I hope that you all are enjoying the website. But, I want to hear from you, too! Please comment, either here or FB, doesn’t matter, or “LIKE” the post. If you buy something that I suggest, I would love to know! (I’m nosey like that.) As little as a “got mine” is sufficient.  If you try a link and it doesn’t work, PLEASE let me know.

To those of you that I do not know personally, I would love to know how you found me and what you think so far!

If you have questions, post a comment or send me an email. If there is something that you want to see more of, tell me.

Have something you want announced on the blog? Send it to me! Did you use a Restaurant.com  certificate and want to review the dinner for us? Please do!

Did you just cash out on  Swagbucks and want to brag about what you got free on Amazon?  Please do!

This blog will only be a success if I provide deals that you like/want/participate in.  I want it to be as interactive as it can be. So, don’t let me do all the talking…….

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One Response to I’d LOVE to hear from more of you!

  1. Joanne Saucier says:

    Hi! I met you at Talley’s Chapel Church when you did a coupon class for us. I was totally confused then, but I am trying many of the things you talked about. I check your website everyday. I love the “Coupon match-up” section. I’ve been using the coupons you post links to. I ordered the Rasin bran cereal, I now have a card from CVS and use their Extra Bucks, I have ordered the All You magazine, I have used two of the Resturant.com $25 cards at WOW in Picayune, I love using coupons on buy one get one free items! Oh, I almost forgot…. I almost have enough Swagbucks to cash in for a $5 gift card! Thank you so much for turning me on to saving. I am trying to get as good as you. I want one of those receipts that say I saved 80%!!!!

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