Swagbucks $25 Amazon Gift Card is on Sale Today!

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When I talk about Swagbucks, I always say that the $5 Amazon card is absolutely, without a doubt, the best bang for your Swagbuck!

At just 450 Swagbucks, it equals a much better buck to dollar ration than any of the other cards.  Even when you buy an Amazon card for a larger amount, the buck to dollar ratio is much higher.  So, today, they have the $25 AGC on sale for just 2,489 Swagbucks, down from 3,150.

In comparison – $5 AGC = 450 SBs.

$25 AGC = 3,150 (like paying 630 for $5)

$25 AGC 0n sale today = 2,489 = 497.8 SBs.

So, while you are still “losing” 239 SBs as opposed to buying 5 $5 AGCs, you will be able to get more value at a time to use to shop for Christmas.  Because, remember, you can only buy 2 gift cards per day and only 5 of the same gift per calendar month. It takes about a week to get your code toa ppyl to Amazon for credit. So, you can have $25 (or $50 if you buy 2) within a week, or only get $25 all month, in increments of $10 at a time.  Not a  bad deal.

If you are not familiar with Swagbucks, click here to read about how I have paid for most of my Christmas with Amazon gift cards that I score FREE on Swagbucks!  I earned these cards just by doing what you do all day on Google. Seaching the web!  If you have already read about Swagbucks and want to sign up, CLICK HERE to go directly to the log in page and set up your account.

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