Here is another way to earn more Swagbucks! Perform Swag Tasks!

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As you know, I owe my “almost entirely free Christmas 2011” to Swagbucks.  I am constantly asked, “how can I get more Swagbucks??”  So, here is, yet another way to do just that!

Tasks are an opportunity to do specific actions (called “jobs”) and earn
Swagbucks based on performance, accuracy and time spent. You can even bank the
Swag Bucks you earn from a task if you have to stop in the middle and come back
later. Once your task meter is filled up, cash out and watch your Swag Buck
total increase!

If you are not familiar with this fabulous program, click here to read more about it!

Remember, after Christmas, I am going to outline for you all of the great gifts that I got free.  The vast majority of them came from gift cards that I earned on Swagbucks!

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