My re-cap of Christmas Freebies! (I am excited to see the final number!)

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I promised you that after Christmas was all over, I would post a list of all the gifts I was able to score FREE or for a great discount. I am also going to try to link back to the posts where I told you about the items if applicable. Just so that you can see if/how you could have done it, too. Also, for the new people to see what they can expect from the blog.

So here it is:

First and foremost – AMAZON!!!

Amazon started dropping prices at around 10pm on Thanksgiving night, and continued throughout Black Friday, the weekend and Cyber Monday. It was CRAZY! But, prices continued to plummet to match or beat most big sales on hot ticket items up until around the 22nd or so when it was no longer possible to get a good deal and ship it in time for the big day. So, this section is a double whammy. Not only were they great prices, but, remember that I get all of my Amazon purchase free because of using Swagbucks to earn giftcards.

Here is what I got:

V Tech Disney’s Cars – Lightning McQueen Digital Cameramy price – $26.99 (covered by giftcards, so FREE), dropped down several more times to $19.99, current price: $49.42.

Crayola Cars 2 Light Up Tracing Deskmy price – $10.00 (covered by giftcards, so FREE), current price – $27.45

Remote Control Backhoe (OMG, the drama! – I ended up with the Volvo one at the bottom of the post.) My price – $36.98 (Free with gift cards) – current price: UNAVAILABLE! HA!

Austin Powers Boxed Set – BluRay -My price – $14.99 (Free with gift cards), current price -$19.99

The Help – $16.99(Free with gift cards), – Current price Same

Cars 2 on DVD – $14.99(Free with gift cards), Current Price – $18.23

Paper Jamz Guitar – Regularly about $17.99 at WalMart, My cost $15.96 (Free with gift cards), Current price – varies by seller, but around $15 with shipping costs.

CARS Toons – Mater’s Tall Tales for Wii – $9.99 (Free with gift cards) –
Current Price – 19.91

USB Cables for iPhones – 77cents (Free with gift cards) bought 2 – $1.54 – current price: 56cents with free shipping!

Bridesmaids on DVD – $5.99 (Free w/ gift cards) current price- $14.99

LSU Youth hats (bought 2) – $10.31 (Free with giftcards) Current price -$12.99 (plus sh/h)

Saints Youth hats (bought 2) – $11.34 (Free with gift cards) Current Price – Not Available, but other teams are $16-18)

SkippyJon Jones books – Bought two at $11.05 and $11.55 (Free with gift cards) Current price: both $11.55.

Total FREE at Amazon – $220.32 (This is my cost made FREE, not the amount of savings off the regular prices, mind you.)

FotobetI love these things, so I bought 3 as gifts. I bought the vouchers at half price ($30 each) but with credits, so FREE, and then used the vouchers to cover the gifts. Total Value – $180.00, my cost – $90, but free with credits!

Fleur de Lis Candles from One King’s Lane – I love this site! They have some really cool stuff and I was able to get some great smelling candles with fleur de lis votives free with my sign up credits and referral credits. My order was $53.95 with shipping, and the credits zeroed it out. I don’t think they cover shipping anymore, but they did that time!

I gave my parents and my hubby each a $50 voucher to Maximo’s that I bought with credits. So another $100 for FREE!

I also went to the Cabela’s store in Gonzales to shop with giftcards that I earned through Swagbucks. I purchased a hunting game for the Wii for my dad and the boys each picked something out for him. Grand total was about $47 and it was totally free due to the gift cards. (Not counting the gas to get to Gonzales!)

I spent a $30 Groupon that I had to and paid $3 shipping. I paid for the Groupon with credits, so it was free, too!

Got two personalized Cars2 books. One is about Evan and one about Noah. Each book mentions both kids, our street, theior birthday, etc. Very fun! Value was $21 for a set of two books, but I had a coupon code and credits, so it was FREE. Plus, this was a daily deal voucher, so I’m sure it was already about half price.

DRUMROLL!!! Total amount of Free Gifts: $652.27!! I had been guesstimating about $350! WOW! Go ME!


There was a Facebook Promotion for a $10 gift card to Sportsman’s Guide way back….I don’t know when. I got one for hubby and one for me! I got him a gun case with one and got he and Evan both an orange hunter’s vest with the other. One order was $11.94 (minus $10= $1.94 plus got 42cents back on Ebates = $1.52) and the other was $14.97 (minues $10 = $4.97 plus got 52cents back on Ebates = $4.45) So, got $20 free and total cost was 5.97 for all three gifts. Savings of $14.03

Victoria’s Secret Facebook Reward Card deal – I got a $10 reward card for both myself and hubby. One night, there was a code for free lipgloss (was sold out before I got to it) with any purchase, a code for free perfume sampler ($18 think) with any sleepwear purchase, a code for free shipping over $25 and they were all stackable WITH the reward card. So, I found a sleepshirt for $27.50, got the free perfume, free shipping and got it for $17.50. PLUS, got 2% ($.55) cash back by going through ShopAtHome (similar to Ebates). Hubby also used his and got some great deals for my to wrap for myself! HA HA Value on MY order – $45.50, savings – savings. My final Price – $16.95 with $28.55 total savings.

Kidorable Rainboots – Regularly $29 plus shipping – Bought two pairs – My cost- $4.00! Savings of $54.00 (plus shipping which I think was $6.95 per pair.)

Also- bought these gifts and earned cash back through ShopAtHome or Ebates:

Subscription to Reader’s Digest Large Print for my Grandma: $29.96 got 26% back ($7.79)

Found hubby a pair of boots at a western store for $139.99. Found them on Cabela’s website on Cyber Monday for $124.79 with free shipping and got $4.99 back on Ebates. Final price – $119.80. Total Savings of $20.19 (plus tax)

Got Noah a bicycle at WalMart for $29.96 and got $1.74 Cash back on it at ShopAtHome. Site To Store Shipping was free.

Disney Store – got boys Buzz and Woody jammies for $8 per pair (Reg $19.50), got $.80 back on each. Total cost of jammies was $7.20 each. Saved $24.60

TOTAL SAVINGS/CASH BACK vs spent: Saved $150.90 – spent $213.25. Saved just over 40% on what I did pay for.

Grand total of savings:

Spent $216.25 (counting shipping on Hasbro), saved $803.17!!Overall, I Saved 79%!!

Finally, the balance of my gifts came from Royal Creations by Jessica Royal and Queen of Pops. They both ran specials during the holidays and were some of the best responses that I got from all the gifts that I gave out.

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