Moms (and kids) on the Side: Meet Jennifer and Emily of E.LeeAnn’s Cupcakes!

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I have posted many moms who create things at home, but this is my first younger person who has started a business, with the help of her mom, of course! Meet Jennifer and Emily of E.LeeAnn’s Cupcakes!  Here is what they want you to know:

My name is Emily Thrash. I am 13 years old. I live in Madisonville. I am home schooled and in 7th grade. I have grown up being in the kitchen cooking and baking with my mom (Jennifer). I always just cooked or baked for my family. Then  last summer the library was having a baking contest. So I decided to enter and had my cousins there to help. Well we did not know there was a theme. I thought you just could make any style. so we did not win. :(

The next day the library posted on Facebook we had the best tasting cake and that next year that would be a category. So after that I wanted to bake even more. I started watching all the baking shows on TV and decided to start making cupcakes. I would bring them to all my family’s friends and everybody said that they were so pretty and tasted so good that I should start my own little cupcake business. So, here I am with my mom’s help.

Emily would love for you to check out her Facebook page and LIKE it. I had the chance to taste one of Emily’s cupcakes recently and I was impressed! Not only were they moist and yummy, but they were beautiful, too!  Emily would love for you to try her cupcakes, too.  If you order a dozen, she will give you two extras free.  This deal is good through October 29th.  So, check out her page , tell her I sent you and let’s support our young entrepreneurs!  Below you will see a few pictures of Emily’s cupcakes. The box of assorted ones on the right are the group that I got to try. :)


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