How to use MyPoints (and how to turn it into a free meal at Disney World!)

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I know that many of my friends have mentioned that they use MyPoints. But, I hadn’t really used it much until around January when I logged in, just to see what it was all about and somehow, I had enough points to buy a $25 gift card!

I decided to try to use it, figure it out and make that $25 stretch to a $50 gift card to Rainforest Café at Disney World.  By now, you know that I made that happen.  Several of you have signed up for this program now, so I wanted to explain how it works.

Here are some of the ways that you can earn points:

  • Earn 5 points per each email you read.
  • Earn 50 plus points for surveys or 10 points if you don’t qualify for surveys
  • Earn points by shopping through their site at popular merchants on the web (if you are familiar with Ebates, this is similar, but points instead of cash)
  • Earn points by completing their special offers and bonus points opportunities (I only do these if they are absolutely free!)
  • Participate in the Daily Deal Share for 5 points (I don’t do these. No time.)
  • Install their toolbar to earn bonus points during the month ( I didn’t do this either)
  • Refer friends and receive points when they sign up or when they earn points.

But, the main thing that I intend to do with this to earn gift cards for FUTURE Disney trips, is this:  You can buy gift cards and earn points for those purchases. So, for example, if you like to eat at PF Changs,  you can buy gift cards for face value, no shipping, no fees, or anything.  But, you will earn points for that purchase.

I have a monthly prescription at CVS. So, I can get a CVS gift card that I can use for that Rx or for any shopping that I may do there and earn points for buying the card!

If you know that you spend hundreds at a certain store every year on Black Friday, buy your gift cards ahead of time and use them in stead of cash!

You don’t have to spend anything extra.  Buy cards for things that you know you will spend cash on anyway. But, earn those points! Then, cash in your points for something frivolous, like a dinner at Disney!

There are two Rainforest Cafe’ locations at Disney World. One is in Animal Kingdom and one is at Downtown Disney.  There is also a restaurant at Downtown Disney called T-Rex and it is owned by the same company (Landry’s) as Rainforest. There are many other restaurants in their family and these gift cards are good at any of them. So, it’s not just a Disney or even a Rainforest Cafe’ thing.

Now, the locations on Disney property will take Dining Plan credits, Disney Gift Cards, or these gift cards. So, if you are on a Dining Plan and you have these cards,  you can save yourself a credit and maybe have a two-credit dinner one night!

Click here to join ans start racking up YOUR MyPoints! You can read all about our dinner at Rainforest HERE.

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