FREE GLUE STICKS!!!! This is how Ibotta Works, if you were wondering…..

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If you have a child in Pre-K, you may still have some supplies to buy. My son has glue sticks on his list. They are about $.50 at Walmart.

So, you can buy them for $.50, then get the whole amount back from Ibotta!

If this is your first time using Ibotta, here is a step by step:

1. Click here to join, Download and set up the program

2. Go to OFFERS and scroll through until you find this one

3. Click on the “How To” and learn a fact, then click on the “Take a Poll” and answer it. Each of these steps should give you $.25.

4. Go to Walmart and buy the product. You can touch the barcode in the upper right corner and scan it to make sure it is the correct item.

5. Once you have your receipt, go to REDEEM in the main menu, click the store you were in, then the camera will open and you can scan your receipt.  The program will them prompt you to choose the items you are redeeming. Tap the Glue sticks and any other that may be on this receipt.

6. Follow the instructions beyond that, which are minimal, and you should see the $.50 in your account shortly!

Remember, if you are new, you can earn $10 for completing 5 offers in your first two weeks. Plus, you will begin to unlock other bonus. This program is a CASH MACHINE! Once you have $5 in your account, you can cash out to your Paypal. Or, leave it sitting and use it for Christmas shopping (or for a secret mommy day that no one knows about!!).

If you don’t need glue sticks, I bet your child’s school does! Donate them. They are free and it helps you unlock other earning potentials!


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