My first VLOG – Birthday Freebies Progressive Lunch Adventures!

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This is my very first vlog – that would be Video/Blog, if you didn’t know.  It’s very rough and the sound is bad, but I wanted to try it out and see if I could do it.  WE ran into some very loud situations and I am actually shocked that you can hear us at all in some scenes! But, this was my fun birthday outing (in the torrential downpour on Saturday before Labor Day!) that I mentioned

Birthday Freebies

So, my birthday was September 3 and I found out a few weeks before, that my friend Victoria had the same birthday. So, we decided that we would go out and collect our birthday freebies with my hubby and camera in tow and show you what you actually get with some of the birthday freebies that I have listed.

So, a few disclaimers before I post this video:

#1 – I HATE seeing/hearing myself on film. It’s just a thing….and I’m trying to overcome it for many reasons. But, again – TORRENTIAL downpour, so while we started the day all cute and camera-ready….the weather didn’t allow for that to continue.

#2 – This was totally a last minute, thrown together, un-rehearsed (hubby wouldn’t let me do take 2 and I had no idea what to say when he turned the camera on!) so I know it’s not great.  I’ve asked for a Go-Pro for Christmas! ;)

#3 – I am not a public speaker! If you have taken my class, you know there are lots of “umms” and “oks”. This is true in this video, too.  I also can’t look directly at the camera.  Another few things that I’m working on. I’m really not as shifty-eyed as the video appears.

#4 – I wanted to break the ice with this because I have TONS of ideas of more things that I would like to SHOW you instead of TYPE to you. So, be gentle in  your criticism if you want to see more.

Now, with that said, here are Kari and Victoria’s Progressive Birthday Freebie Lunch!

Disclaimer – we did not eat the cookie cake before our entrée. We strategically made that purchase first because we needed to buy the drink. It was actually Victoria’s idea to make that jump so that we could utilize the purchased drink with our entrée  at our next stop. In fact, all of the desserts made it home unscathed.

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