NOLA has a new restaurant! Fogo de Chao is open for business in the Big Easy!

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Last week, I was invited to attend the Grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for a new restaurant that opened in New Orleans called Fogo de Chao. All week, I had pronounced it Fogo de CHOW, but found out that it is actually Fogo de SHOH, which almost sounds like they are more cajun than Brazilian.  But, nevertheless, they are a Brazilian Steakhouse, or more specifically, a Churrascaria.  This means grilled or fired meats, and let me tell you……there is so much meat!

I had just started back on my own version of Paleo, so I knew that I would have plenty to choose from and stay the course on my 7 day old diet.  However, their Market Table, which is a massive, fabulous, dare I say gourmet salad bar, had enough variety and selection of things that I could eat that I wouldn’t have even needed the proteins….YEAH RIGHT!

My husband and I were seated near the back of the restaurant and were able to pass the window where the meats are being cooked. It’s mesmerizing and you can get a table right there if you’re lucky!

We ordered our drinks and then headed to the Market Table where we were able to sample exotic fruits like star fruit, papaya and pomegranate in addition to fabulous fresh pineapple and more. There were various marinated vegetables, small salads and fabulous cheeses like Parmesan, baby swiss and manchego. We munched on prosciutto and salami and…and…and. Just too much to list it all. Needless to say, if you like salad bars, this one is over the top. So many good things to try!

fogo market table 2 fogo market table

Also, near the Market Table was a small hot bar that consisted of a beans and rice dish called Feijoada. This is black beans prepared with flavors of bacon, pork ribs, pork loin and sausage throughout the dish.  There was also Black Pepper Candied Bacon and do you believe that I spotted that on their website and FORGOT to try it! I was so overwhelmed by the beauty and ample selection on the Market Table that I decided to finish my cold items and come back for these, but FORGOT. UGH! (Guess I will have to go back. Darn.)

fogo beans rice

When we finished our Market plates, the meats were coming now. So, we were instructed to flip our medallion over when we were ready. Well, when someone walks by me with a fabulous smelling, diet-legal sword of food, how could I not flip that disc?

fogo discs

That’s how you let the gauchos know if you want more meat or if you want to take a break. You flip your disc to Green or Red respectively.  As the gauchos pass by with their selection, they stop at your table only if you are on green. Each person gets a disc and it helps you slow things down and enjoy what is on your plate and then determine for yourself if and when you are ready to proceed.

Fogo Gaucho

We dined on sirloin, chicken, pork, filet mignon, sausage and so much more! We saw ribs and ribeyes and so many other things that we never got around to trying because there was just so much. At least 16 meat options! SIXTEEN!  My favorite was the FRALDINHA or more commonly know to us as the Bottom Sirloin. Every now and then I would find a tiny piece of salt that was a surprising little crunch. It was so very good.

fogo carmelized banana

They also serve Parmesan polenta fries, caramelized bananas, the creamiest garlic mashed potatoes that you have ever tasted, and these little warm bites of light dough with a surprise nugget of cheese inside called PÃO DE QUEIJO. These were FABULOUS! They are made with sweet and sour yucca flour and Parmesan cheese, and these rolls are naturally gluten-free.

fogo cheese

After we had reached our limit and tapped out on the dinner, the dessert options were presented to us. I chose my favorite creme brulee and it did not disappoint. My husband had a huge slice of cheesecake with raspberry sauce. It was fabulous, but 2nd to my creme brulee.

Fogo dessert

Now, this blog is all about getting more out of life for LE$$, and this restaurant is not cheap. In fact, it’s $49.95 per person for the experience that we had. But, of course, you know that I will find a way to make it more affordable!

First and foremost, you can save $10-18 by going for lunch instead of dinner. The same options and experience are provided between the hours or 11am – 3pm, 7 days a week for just $32.95 (Saturday and Sunday lunch is $39.95).

You can also choose to eat from the Market Table only for just $15 for lunch and $26.95 for dinner. I promise you that you won’t be hungry when you leave!

Next, they have an E-Club! I signed up and received a $25 off any lunch or dinner (weekdays only) Welcome offer. I also did some research and found reports of the same as a birthday offer. But….I also found that their main website states that you may receive a free dessert.  Of course, we would prefer that $25, but either of these would be a great excuse to splurge for your birthday!  By the way – my husband’s birthday is next month and we are signed up, so stay tuned for the update on that!  CONFIRMED! $25 for his birthday, arrived the last day of the previous month and is good for the entire birthday month. 

Also, being in the e-club, you would have likely received info about the Valentine’s offer and any future offers. During my research, I also found that they offer deals from time to time such as Family Weekends, where kids eat FREE and they also participate in Veteran’s Day specials! I’m loving this more and more!

fogo valentines

Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you choose to take your sweetie to Fogo de Chao any time during the weekend of Friday, February 12 – Sunday, February 14, you will receive a Valentine’s card for a FREE Complimentary Lunch or Dinner on your next visit! **They are open on Sunday, February 14 from 11am – 9pm and dinner pricing is in effect ALL DAY*. Make your reservations NOW, because this will fill up and everyone is scrambling to get into this new place!

Of course, as we sat on our rare date night, dining on fabulous foods, we found ourselves discussing how our boys would LOVE this place! They are both big eaters and are turning into quite the foodies. But, $50 for a kid, no way! Well, the good news is that 6 and under is FREE and 7 to 12 year-olds are just half price. For a special occasion, that we can do. My little one is 6, so that helps a lot! Happy mama!

So, to recap, Fogo offers fabulous food, plenty of options to please every palate and cater to any dietary need. Go when you are hungry! Maybe even fast for a few days before! HA!  Just kidding, but you certainly want to be able to enjoy and get your value out of this treat! Join the e-club HERE and watch for deals. I will update on the birthday status next month. Don’t skip this just because it’s $50. There are ways to get around that, trust me.

Even Northshore Mama needs to splurge every now and then, and this may be how we do that from now on!

The New Orleans Fogo de Chao is located in the luxurious JW Marriott New Orleans on the famed Canal Street. Fogo de Chao is a short walk from the Aquarium of the Americas and the Saengar Theater.  Just steps from Bourbon Street and at the crossroads of downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter, Fogo offers locals and tourists alike a glimpse into traditional Southern Brazilian culture in the heart of The Big Easy.

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA * 614 Canal Street, 70130 | (504) 412-8900



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