Introducing RAMROCK RESALE! Save 10% on your School Supply Bundles NOW! #ad

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I just spoke to a follower that has a new business in town. Have you seen RAMROCK RESALE on Hwy 59? In fact, it is SO new, that they haven’t even had their ribbon cutting yet! That is coming up on July 27th. 

Disclosure – This post is sponsored by RAMROCK RESALE. All opinions are my own.

Mary started RAMROCK RESALE as an Ebay business. But, as many reformed Ebay-ers like myself do, she found the fees to be too much.  So, she decided to open up a business where she could meet people in real life as well as still run a website.

RAMROCK is a storefront, that re-sells liquidated items and returns from major name brands. Because we are all reluctantly getting into the BACK TO SCHOOL mode, she has connected with some MAJOR office brands to get your school supply list in ONE STOP.

She had done her “homework” and has almost every single St. Tammany school listed, by grade, and has their customized packets ready for you! So, for those who do not enjoy back to school shopping, or who just need the convenience of one stop shopping, Mary has it all done!

****She even told me that she has Ticonderoga pencils in her packets!****

Simply, head over HERE to her website, find your school and grade, order your entire list in one click BY SUNDAY, and then go pick it up at her store when she tells you it’s ready!

***She has also set up a coupon code for Northshore Mama readers to save 10% when you order and use code NSM10 by Sunday, July 16, 2017!

RAMROCK RESALE is located at 3701 Hwy 59, Ste A, Mandeville, Louisiana 70471. (this is VERY close to Tammany Oaks Church where we pick up our Zaycon!) You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

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