Changing Emoji Sequins Pillow Cases – Under $12 Shipped! Perfect Gift for Tweens!

When two trends come together, it creates the perfect gift! If you have tweens on your list this Christmas, I bet they would love these Changing Emoji Sequin pillows!

We all know that emoji themed items are big with the 10-13 crowd, but so are those mermaid pillows that you can just flip back and forth until your heart is content!

This pillow cover is a combo of BOTH of these! They are priced at $8.99 and shipping is $3.29 for the first, and just $1.99 for each additional!  They are 15″ x 15″ and DO NOT COME WITH THE PILLOW.

Here are the choices:

  • #1 – Poop Face / Changes to: Same Poop Face
  • #2 – Angry Face / Changes to: Happy Face
  • #3 – Heart Eyes / Changes to: Kissy Face
  • #4 – Upset / Changes to: Laughing Tears
  • #5 – Shocked / Changes to: Tongue Sticking Out
  • #6 – Grimace / Changes to: Weary grin
  • #7 – Surprise Me – We will send a random pillow cover (if you order more than one “surprise me” option we will try our best to send a variety with no repeats, but we cannot make this a promise).


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