UNO WILD JACKPOT just $14.99 for PRIME Members (Reg. $19.82)

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Last year, I bought this new version of UNO. We LOVE UNO Attack, and when I saw that you could write you own cards, I couldn’t imagine how that would work.

Well, it works like this – it’s basically UNO, but when you pull a special Jackpot card, you have to pull the lever on the machine and it spits out a card. Everyone writes something on one of the cards in secrecy and they are inserted into the back of the machine.

When you are forced to pull the lever and choose one of those cards, you may have to draw two, sing a song, turn a cartwheel, or as one of our cards said, “Eat another piece of pie”. We were trying to figure it out and my dad hit the jackpot first. He drew the card and started laughing until he was almost crying. We couldn’t figure out what in the world was wrong…..until he started making monkey sounds. He had pulled his own card. INSTANT KARMA!

It was a hoot and it is back down in price at just $14.99 for Prime Members only. I just looked and it is $19.82 at Walmart, so this is a steal of a deal for a very fun and unique twist to the classic UNO and even the more recent UNO ATTACK! CLICK HERE to see if you are eligible for a free 30 day trial of PRIME. 


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