Try a New CashBack App! Who wants $20 to do so?

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I have seen this new app floating around and finally had a chance to sit down and play with it this morning.

**Links in this post are my referral links. I may earn a referral fee if you use them, and will love you forever!

Basically, you SIGN UP and DOWNLOAD the app, then you link a credit/debit card. This part concerned me a little, because most apps do not require that, and in this day and age, many people are leery of doing that. But, the reason is that you don’t have to remember to use the app. If you use your card at a store, restaurant or hotel that has an offer in Dosh, the app finds your transaction and credits you automatically!

I watched a few reviews of the app and it appears that you can save a good bit on hotels, as much as $60-70 per booking sometimes. Also, the review that showed that mentioned that the price in Dosh for that hotel room was cheaper than the other travel sites to start with.

LOOK at what popped up near me! YUJIN, y’all! 7% cash back on Sushi!!

Normally, I would not post an app like this without having used it first, BUT – right now, if you sign up and link your first card, you get a $5 bonus. Mine showed up within about 5-10 minutes. THEN – if you refer a friend who does the same (they must link a card), YOU get $15!! That is $20 FREE for trying out a new app. The referral bonus pays out in a couple of days. Once you have at least $15 in your account, you can cash out to PayPal or your bank account.

NOW – the reason I am posting this without any experience is that this extra $15 offer ENDS TOMORROW! January 21, 2018!

So CLICK HERE, link your card and then tell a friend or 10 to do the same!

If you don’t like DOSH, you can cancel at any time by removing your card from the app. So, get that referral bonus, then delete if you like!

I will update as I learn more about this.

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