GREAT PRICES for ALL ZAYCON CUSTOMERS! Hurry and order your chicken and ground beef!

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So, Zaycon has been KILLING IT with amazing deals for first time buyers. But what about for those of us who are faithful, long time customers? Well, we asked and they have answered.

Right  now, you can get a great deal, probably the lowest price I have ever posted for veteran users! Here are all the awesome coupon codes available for EVERYONE right now!

Chicken Breasts – use code COHORT139 by February 10, 2018 to get $1.39/lb.  This is for the June delivery as March is sold out.

NEW USERS – use code SHARE99 to get the chicken for $.99/lb! That is half price and an AMAZING deal! Your 40lbs of chicken will only be $39.60 plus tax!!!

Ground Beef – use codes COHORT8020 to save $28 and get the 80/20 ground beef for just $2.49/lb.  OR, use COHORT937 to save $35.20 on a case of 93/7 and pay just $3.11/lb. Both of these codes expire Feb 10, 2018.  This is for delivery in April



CLICK HERE and add the items to your cart, then apply the appropriate code at checkout to take the price down.

You will get between 20 and 30 of these massive chicken breasts, butterflied and double lobed. One of these feeds my family with enough leftover for my lunch salad the next day. (Many have asked, so here is the answer: These chickens are raised for meat and are therefore fully grown. Most chickens are processed at the ripe old age of 42 days. These are not, so they are much larger than your normal grocery store chicken. Not pumped full of anything to be this big.)

CLICK HERE to Order yours today!


There are many other great items coming up the next few months, so click here and search your closest location to see what is arriving when.

If you are wondering WHAT in the WORLD am I talking about, let me fill you in!

Zaycon sells high quality, hormone free meats – one item at a time. You order it, then when the delivery in your area comes, you go with your confirmation sheet and pick it up in the case! Then, wait for another sale. You buy in bulk, by the case, so you should go home, divide it up and throw it in the freezer.

Here is a post I did to explain more about how this all works.

You can sign up and find the delivery nearest you HERE , but they have been in Hammond for a long time, we got them to add a stop in Mandeville last year and now they have added stops in Slidell, Gulfport, Pass Christian and Denham Springs to name a few. These added locations are in full swing now, so you can choose the one closest to you!

There are also sales in Hattiesburg, McComb, Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Shreveport (I know some of you are up there), Dallas area, Mobile area, Atlanta area… don’t feel left out if you aren’t a local reader! This is a national opportunity.

Here are some comments left by my readers about this fabulous product:

Zaycon Sikes comment Zaycon Hall Comments Zaycon Albert comments

CLICK HERE to Order yours today!

I have set up a page for you to find a buddy if you would like to share a case of any of the meats offered. Their prices are great comparatively speaking. But, the whole case can be quite pricy. So, use this event on my Facebook page to try to find someone to share with you if you like.

***IMPORTANT TIP!!! When you sign up through the links in this post, you are being referred by me and I will earn a credit if and when you place an order. (and I will love you for it!)

But, once you are all set up, you can refer your friends and family and start earning credits toward YOUR next purchase! Credits usually appear in my account the MORNING OF delivery. So, don’t be alarmed if you watch someone sign up and don’t see the credit yet. You should get an email that a referral has registered, but you won’t see any actual credits until the date of delivery. Every little bit helps!!

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