Ticonderoga Pencils – 1 penny above best ever price!

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Last year, we managed to find these Ticonderoga pencils for 9 cents each. Of course, that was during the summer in the Back to School deal time. But, right now, you can restock for the 2nd half of the year for just a penny above that price!

CLICK HERE and get a case of the teacher favorites, Ticonderoga pencils for just $9.96. That’s 96 pencils, and just 10 cents each!  It is 8 boxes of 12, so donate a pack to your kid’s classroom and make the teacher love you!

**Seriously, we say that, but my son’s teacher actually told me last month…”I see you post Ticonderoga pencils and I want to scream YES! Buy These!!” They really do make a difference!

Click here to grab a case or two!

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