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We all know one of the HARDEST things about being a Mama is getting a good dinner on the table at a reasonable hour. Throw in end-of-the-school-year craziness and ball practice, dance lessons, gymnastics and it’s almost impossible! (I love my crock-pot but sometimes, I get bored of the same ol’ meals). Well enter Carpool Caterer!

I first heard about this company last year from a friend. She told me I would love it and YUP I sure do. The premise is simple. You choose from a pre-set menu (that rotates weekly), pay for it online and you can either pick it up at their location in Mandeville OR they WILL DELIVER IT TO YOU!! (Can you tell which option I choose?!) The meals come frozen so you do need to leave a cooler out with an ice pack in. Last year, when I started using Carpool Caterer, I LOVED every meal that I chose…but here’s the kicker…so did my kids! No worries though if you have picky eaters though because there are “little foodie” options each week. These meals are smaller portions and guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters. As well as the weekly meal options, there are also some sides that you can order including soup and salad. I was told that some people cook one of the meals and then divide it up into smaller containers to carry for lunch throughout the week! How easy and awesome is that?!

I recently sat down with the owner, Chris Folse and talked about this awesome company he started. He informed me of a few things I didn’t know. 1. They make every meal FRESH. It may be frozen when it gets to you, but only for a day or so. 2. They also do event catering, including baby showers, bridal showers and church events. 3. And this is so cool, many people order 5 of the 1/2 trays and divide them up into 30 meals for older parents and stock their fridge. I love this idea! 4. Another cool thing that some people do is to order meals for the family of someone in the hospital or someone who just had a baby! I love this idea also. It makes it so easy for you to help out, just pay and they do all the prep work and you have a great meal to gift. Another idea is if you are headed to a beach vacation, grab a few dinners, stick them in the cooler and you won’t have to spend a lot by going out every night!!

The menu for the next week comes out on Thursday. You have until Saturday at midnight to place your order. You can do it online or email your order. Prices are as follows…

Full Tray which feeds 6 is $42.50.

Half Tray which feeds 4 is $30.

Little Foodie feeds 2-3 for $17.

There are some gluten-free options with each weekly menu, they will be marked.

Chris is a local boy, went to Mandeville High and has 3 kids, so you know he’s here for the long haul! He is even going to expand his store front and have a freezer only area where you can go in and pick up freshly made and then frozen meals for that last minute “oops I have no dinner planned for tonight”. He does have some meals in his store now, but he is going to expand to have at least 14 of the same taste-tested-approved meals that you can pick up. He also has some grab and go lunches.

If you can’t tell already, I LOVE Carpool Caterer and HIGHLY recommend it to all of our readers!! BUT WAIT!! If you mention Northshore Mama when you place your order, you will receive a 15% discount!! (Orders MUST BE EMAILED!!)

Find them on facebook here.

They are located at 1600 West Causeway Approach STE 5
Mandeville, Louisiana 70471 or call (985) 778-2668.

Disclaimer: Carpool Caterer sponsored this post, all opinions are my own.

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