Cry Babies Girls Baby Doll $29.99!!

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Here is another new release toy! You can get the Cry Babies Girls Baby Doll for $29.99!! This baby cries until you give it back it’s pacifier. Hey! It’s practice for the real world! They are slightly back-ordered, but will ship soon. They will ship FREE for EVERYONE!!

Here are the details…

  • really cries when you remove her pacifier
  • She will shout and cry until you replace her paci or rock her to calm her down
  • Each doll comes with an attached pacifier and a removable animal print onesie
  • Just add water for real tears!

Get yours here!!

There are different options…

Cry Babies Girls Lea Baby Doll here!

Cry Babies Girls Bonnie Doll here!

Cry Babies Girls Coney Baby Doll here!

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