Feb 19

Re-Stock your Toilet Paper and save big!

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I have not bought Toilet Paper since December when I got this deal last!  Victoria and I both buy multiples of this deal when it comes around and HERE IT IS!

Right now you can get the Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue, 12 Toilet Paper Rolls for only $6.49!! This is actually cheaper than THE LAST time we posted it!  Also, the last time, there was a $.50 coupon that you could clip on ONE pack. THIS time, the price is $.50 LESS, so it’s like getting the coupon on EVERY pack!! This same pack is $7.98 at Walmart! This is almost a 20% Savings and it is shipped to your door!!

Now…here’s the catch. It is an Add-On Item so it will ship with a $25 order BUT!!! Just 4 packs and you are at $25.96! Voila! Several months’ supply of TP and free shipping to boot! 

This is something that EVERYONE needs, uses and HATES to run out of! STOCK UP AND SAVE, Y’ALL!


  • COTTONELLE CLEANRIPPLE TEXTURE– toilet paper gets you cleaner per sheet versus the leading national bath tissue value brand
  • 3X STRONGER & 3X THICKER – per toilet paper sheet versus the leading national bath tissue value brand
  • 3X MORE ABSORBENT – per toilet paper sheet versus the leading national bath tissue value brand
  • OUR SOFTEST TOILET PAPER – our ultimate soft, thick, & absorbent bath tissue. 126 sheets per double roll
  • Stand with Cottonelle toilet paper & World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect our planet’s forests & ecosystems. Fits standard bathroom toilet paper holders without the need for any attachments
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Feb 12

Get $15 in free money for trying a new CASH BACK APP!

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I have seen this new app floating around and finally had a chance to sit down and play with it last month.

**Links in this post are my referral links. I may earn a referral fee if you use them, and will love you forever!

Basically, you SIGN UP and DOWNLOAD the app, then you link a credit/debit card. This part concerned me a little, because most apps do not require that, and in this day and age, many people are leery of doing that. But, the reason is that you don’t have to remember to use the app. If you use your card at a store, restaurant or hotel that has an offer in Dosh, the app finds your transaction and credits you automatically!

I watched a few reviews of the app and it appears that you can save a good bit on hotels, as much as $60-70 per booking sometimes. Also, the review that showed that mentioned that the price in Dosh for that hotel room was cheaper than the other travel sites to start with.

LOOK at what popped up near me! YUJIN, y’all! 7% cash back on Sushi!!

And, you can use it while on vacation! Look what I found in Gatlinburg this week! We eat at Johnny Rockets just about every trip! Three Jimmy’s is near and highly recommended by members of our resort. Loco Burro is right on the strip! Puckers has Kids Eat Free….then you get 7% back! I also saw some of the outlet stores in the mall in Pigeon Forge on here! I will be sharing this post with my resort guests, too!


Normally, I would not post an app like this without having used it first, BUT – right now, if you sign up and link your first card, you get a $5 bonus. Mine showed up within about 5-10 minutes. THEN – if you refer a friend who does the same (they must link a card), YOU get $10!! That is $15 FREE for trying out a new app. The referral bonus pays out in a couple of days, although most of mine was there within hours. Once you have at least $15 in your account, you can cash out to PayPal or your bank account. I cashed out over $200 last week! It’s in paypal and ready to move to my checking account!



We went to Johnny Rockets this week in Gatlinburg and before I signed the check, we got cash back!

So CLICK HERE, link your card and then tell a friend or 10 to do the same!

If you don’t like DOSH, you can cancel at any time by removing your card from the app. So, get that referral bonus, then delete if you like!

I will continue to update as I learn more about this new app.

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Feb 10

Ticonderoga Pencils – 1 penny above best ever price!

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Last year, we managed to find these Ticonderoga pencils for 9 cents each. Of course, that was during the summer in the Back to School deal time. But, right now, you can restock for the 2nd half of the year for just a penny above that price!

CLICK HERE and get a case of the teacher favorites, Ticonderoga pencils for just $9.96. That’s 96 pencils, and just 10 cents each!  It is 8 boxes of 12, so donate a pack to your kid’s classroom and make the teacher love you!

**Seriously, we say that, but my son’s teacher actually told me last month…”I see you post Ticonderoga pencils and I want to scream YES! Buy These!!” They really do make a difference!

Click here to grab a case or two!

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Feb 10

Super deal on Swanson Chicken Broth! $1 each less than WalMart!

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This weather and all the soup that needed to be cooked has KILLED my stock of chicken broth, y’all!

Right now, you can get 8 of these HUGE boxes of 480z Chicken Broth for just $26.24, then clip a 30% coupon that makes them just $2.29 per box! These are the BIG boxes and they are currently $3.28 each at WalMart! Now, this deal is only for Prime Members at this price, but you are saving $1.00 per box. That is better than any Swanson coupon I have ever seen! Plus it is shipped to your door!

CLICK HERE to get these on the way!


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Feb 10

Big Savings on Alpine Coasters in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg! TODAY ONLY

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We just got back from my happy place….GATLINBURG!

My kids absolutely love the alpine coasters and we have ridden 4 of them, now!

Here are some brief thoughts (and savings) to help you decide which one you want to try!

****This code is good for 3 different purchases. You cannot get the deal off 2 purchases at the same time. So, if you want 2 of the same deal, you need to buy them one at a time. Then come back to the link and do it again. 

GOATS ON THE ROOF – This is our current favorite. It is located on Wears Valley Road in Pigeon Forge. We have ridden this coaster at least 3 times. It is a good length of time and track. There is a lengthy lift that takes you to the top and the entire ride is several minutes long. It is smooth and has great views! Right now, you can save by buying THIS DEAL for two riders. Now, you may be able to use coupon NOW25 to take an additional 25% off, but I can’t test it because I have exceeded my maximum purchase  limit on this deal! LOL!

**This one expires 150 days after purchase, which puts us at late July!


ROWDY BEAR – this is one of the newest coasters to the area. It is located right on the strip in Gatlinburg. I bought a Groupon for this one in November and got a killer deal on it. But, I have to say I was disappointed. It was a smooth and fun ride, but the non-lift part was literally over in less than a minute and a half.  It just seemed to be a very short ride for $15 per person. Now, you can get two rides under $15 with THIS DEAL and applying code NOW25.

You can watch my ride on Rowdy Bear HERE.

**This one expires 120 days after purchase, which puts us at late June!


We rode the coaster at Ober Gatlinburg in 2016…it was long and fun, but A ROUGH RIDE! Then, the car abruptly stops EXTREMELY hard at the end and actually hurt my neck a little. I won’t ride that one again. It is not included in the wrist band at Ober, so it is an additional fee, but the reason is that it was such a rough ride and awful end.


Finally, we are hitting the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster this week! It is also on Wears Valley Road near Pigeon Forge and is just about half a mile from the Goats on the Roof Coaster. It appears to be pretty long from the highway! So, we are excited to try it out and see how it compares to the others! Will Goats remain our favorite, or will this one take the lead??  Stay tuned this week to find out!

UPDATE – we rode this one on Friday! The ride lasted 9 minutes for me! From the time I started moving out of the holding area, until I got out. More than 9 minutes, y’all! The lift hill was a peaceful and enjoyable 6 minutes or so. But, I felt like I was hiking without the effort! HA! It goes through the woods and I felt for a few minutes, like I was in the National Park. Then, had a fun 3+ minute ride back down. I gotta say this may be the best bang for your buck! **I have GoPro video of the ride, but I have to get it edited down. Will post later. 

You can get two rides for just over $15 when you click HERE and use code NOW25.

**This one expires 120 days after purchase, which puts us at late June!

Have you ridden any of these? Which is your favorite??

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Feb 10

Save 25% on Popular Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge!

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TODAY ONLY! You can save 25% on tickets to this popular dinner show in Pigeon Forge!

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud is a fun show filled with slapstick, down-home fun and excellent food! It is a little pricy, so this is a great deal to grab while you can!

CLICK HERE and grab your ticket, then use code VDAY25 to take 25% off. Now, this code only comes off one time. But you are allowed to use it 3 times. So, you want to buy 1 ticket and then come back HERE to start over and do it again! This will get you the discount 3 times on individual purchases.

The best part is that this deal will be good through October! So, buy it now, and book your tickets for Spring Break, Summer Vacation or even a Fall getaway! No rush to pick a date and time now. Just secure the deal and plan later!

Adult tickets are posted at $55, but the code takes off over $13! Kids tickets are $19 before code and under $15 after.

Not sure what to expect from this show?? Read my review from last year here.  It’s really a fun show and the food is great. But it is not cheap, so take advantage of this deal!

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