AWESOME DEAL ON CHRISTMAS CARDS! 25 cards for as low as $7.50!

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Right now, through Dec 10, 2017, you can get 60% off on Christmas cards when you CLICK HERE and order your cards through Amazon Prints. This deal is good once per account but can be used to save UP TO $2500 DOLLARS! So, you shouldn’t need it more than once!

Starting at just $.75 per card, a minimum of 25 cards, and 60% off, you are paying just $7.50 per 25 cards! That is THE BEST deal I have seen yet!

**Be sure to check the description of your cards to make sure they include envelopes!

Just CLICK HERE to create your cards, then use code  SEASONGREETINGS60 at checkout.

Prime Members will pay no shipping, non=Prime will pay just $4! Not too shabby!

• Promotional code is limited to one per customer and account.
• US customers only.
• Promotional code applies to cards purchased through Amazon Prints.
• Items must be purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address.
There is a minimum of 25 cards per order.
• Promotional code expires on December 10, 2017, 11:59 p.m. (PT) or once it has been used by you.
The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $2,500.
• Shipping charges and taxes may apply to discounted and free promotional items.
• Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotion at any time.
• Promotional code is non-transferable and may not be resold.
• If you receive a refund with respect to any of the products or content related to this promotion, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies.
• Promotional code may not be combined with other offers.
• If you violate any of these terms, the promotion and your promotional code will be invalid.
• Promotional code may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.


2017 Christmas Card Deals and Tips for Making Your Cards Better!

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This list will change as the deals come and go, so bookmark it, share it, save it, whatever you need to do until  you place your order!  Here we Go!

Before I start sharing deals, here are some tips to make your Christmas cards look better and maybe save some extra money!

  1. – Many cards offer fancy edging or rounded corners. This costs more! Having simple flat edges and corners will save you as much as $.50 PER CARD!
  2. – Choosing a square card costs extra for postage. Even smaller ones for some reason. Square cards cost more to mail! Stick with a 4×6 or a 5×7 to keep your postage at regular price.
  3. Choose a card that has photo templates in the orientation of your selected photo. Do not try to put a portrait pic in a landscape template. You will have very little room to manipulate it.
  4. Try to find a card that coordinates with the colors in your photo. That makes it look more like the card was made for your pic!
  5. If you choose a collage card with small templates, use those spots for close up photos. Group photos will be tiny and you will lose the image in the busy card. Save those spots for a single person’s close-up.
  6. Be sure you are using quality photos with resolution as good as you can get! Better pics make better cards!
  7. THERE SHOULD  BE NO APOSTROPHE ON YOUR CARD! NOT ONE! NONE! PLEASE DO NOT PUT AN APOSTROPHE ON YOUR NAME! Below is a chart that shows you how to pluralize your name. The apostrophe shows possession. When you are simply calling yourself the SMITHS (plural), you are not possessing anything. “We are going to the Smiths’ ” shows that you are going to the HOME possessed by the (plural) SMITHS. Signing a Christmas card, or personalizing an item you create is NOT a place for an apostrophe. BUT – when in doubt, signing your card The Smith Family is an easy way around it. **One note on this chart….the X rule is for names with a hard X sound like The Foxes. But if you are a Boudreaux, or something that ends in a vowel sound, simply add an S. 

This is the deal I just ordered!! Photo Affections has cards at about $1 each. My order with a Cyber Monday code was $51 for 50 cards. I didn’t like that much. So, I found THIS VOUCHER deal that gave me 70 cards for $27.99! (also can get 40 for $17.99 or 100 for $37.99). Plus, the code CYBER25 takes 25% off, so now it is $20.99 for those 70 cards!

I did have to pay shipping of $8.75, but I got my 70 cards for under $30! And when grabbing these screen shots, I realized that this is the same deal I used last year! I was very pleased with my cards last year, so I can’t wait to get these!


Tiny Prints

Save 40% on your order through TONIGHT 11/26, with code DONTMISS40. 50% off – code BESTMONDAY (expires Tuesday)

Free shipping on a $10 order with code TPSHIP (may not combine with other codes.)

***Here is a Half Off Voucher Deal. Save Half on Tiny Prints. Buy the voucher HERE, use Code Cyber25 to take 25% off TODAY ONLY! Then redeem it HERE!



40% Off Ends Sunday Night 11/26 – Code FINALE

Get up to 10 FREE Holiday Cards with code PREVIEW at! Valid 11/22-11/26

***Here is a Half Off Voucher Deal. Save Half on Tiny Prints. Buy the voucher HERE, then redeem it HERE!


Simply to Impress – 30% off AND FREE SHIPPING! with code BESTDEAL17 – expires Monday Night – I have used them several times and LOVE them! 

Save on Photo Cards


Browse tons of voucher deals HERE!  USE CODE CYBER25 to take 25% off many deals! 11/27 only!


Walgreens Photo Cards – Buy one set of 20, GET TWO FREE! Click Here and use code CYBERPIC TODAY ONLY. 11/27 That gives you 60 cards for under $20!

OR – CLICK HERE to create a PREMIUM CARD and use code MERRY50 to save 50% through 11/29.


CHRISTMAS CARD DEALS – 2016!! This will be an ongoing list!

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This post will be the Roundup of Christmas Card Deals throughout the 2016 holiday season.

This list will change frequently as deals come and go. Remember, you can’t wait and order them on the 20th of December if you plan to get them and mail them back out before Christmas! Check back often until yours are ordered!

It’s important to note that the voucher deals may not be available for long, but grabbing them does not mean that you MUST create and purchase the cards today! In other words, buy the deal now, get pics taken and create your cards later!

Here we go!!!

Right now, members of MY COKE REWARDS can get a $20 Shutterfly code FREE! No points needed. We often see tons of these $20 codes given out freely. So, you can hoard them up and make small orders where you pay only shipping. Some may stack, some may not. But either way, $20 is $20!  CLICK HERE to get yours. 



Tiny Prints – Get 10 FREE Cards, just pay shipping. Also 30% off any additional cards. Expires 11/17.  Click here and use code HOLIDAYGIFT



Custom 5×7 Photo Card from York Photo. Simply click to image below and use code PCARDS at checkout. You will only pay shipping of around $4.99. Expires 11/28/16


**HOT** 20 5×7 Christmas Cards – Just $2.99!!

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Ink Garden Christmas

New Customers to INK GARDEN can get 20 5X7 Custom Holiday Photo Cards – Just $2.99 – Save $12! <–Just click there and use Code: SMILE.  1 Use. Cannot Combine Coupon Codes. Exp. 11-20-2015.   S&H Not Included -Standard Shipping: $4.49.


**This offer is included in my compiled list of Christmas Card deals, but I thought it was good enough to get its own post!

Get 35 Christmas Cards COMPLETELY FREE!!! Not Kidding!

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This deal is a smidge complicated. So, if you don’t mind paying for things that you could get for FREE, then you can skip this.  If you prefer FREE, even if it requires a tiny bit of attention, then proceed!

Ok – so, first and foremost, you should CLICK HERE and sign up for a new account through Because you are using my referral link, you will get a $25 credit to spend on a $50 (sorry – it changed) $100 order.  This will be automatically applied to your order in checkout.

Once you see your credit, click on MINTED STATIONARY tab and select the type card you want. Then sort LOW PRICE TO HIGH.



I then chose one of the first few cards and added 35 of them to my cart for a total of $58.00. Now, to personalize. (I totally threw this card together as an example for this deal only. I am fully aware that all the photos are the same and it says sample.)

minted free christmas cards sample

After you personalize your order, choose EXPRESS SERVICE – which  means you have proofread and made sure your photos were perfect and you do not need a professional to do that for you!  This will save you another $10 on your order!

minted express

Finally, using code BRIGHT25 at checkout will give you ANOTHER $25 off AND FREE SHIPPING! You will put in billing and shipping info before you see the promo code box for this code.  ALERT!!! — The Code expires MONDAY NIGHT – 11/9/15.  But it does give the option of Buy now and personalize later. So, since it’s free, that may be the best option!

HOWEVER – if you follow these steps, as you see below….35 custom cards for a big fat NOTHING!!!

minted free christmas cards


I have $60 in FREE Christmas Cards in my email. Do You??

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So, this week, I posted my list of Christmas Card deals. I will be perfectly honest and tell you that I hardly ever pay more than $10 for my cards and I don’t buy cheap ones!

Cmas Card Cover

The last 3 years, I have used a company called Simply To Impress. Each year, I have found Living Social deals that I bought, and then 3 of you bought it, too, so mine became free.

But this year, I haven’t seen that offer yet and I was starting to get a little nervous. Then, I stumbled upon an offer that I can’t refuse, so to speak. I have found 3 different $20 codes for Shutterfly in my email.

2 of them come with free shipping! So, I will have $60 worth of cards TOTALLY FREE! I may have to pay to ship a few of them, but that’s fine with me!

Here is what I have and you can check your email, too!

First of all – if you are a My Coke Rewards member and enter just one single code between now and November 30, you will get a $20 code that expires 12/31/15. So, check your email, but even if you don’t have it, enter the code and then look in the FULL PROFILE and then your UNCLAIMED REWARDS. This code does not include shipping, so you will have to pay that.

My Coke Shutterfly

Next, I have an email from Kellogg’s Family Rewards with another $20 code and also a Free Shipping code. My email came on November 2 and expires November 30.

Kelloggs Shutterfly

Finally, I got an email from P&G Everyday that came on November 5. It is the same as Kellogg’s in that it has a $20 code and a Free Shipping code.  These expire 12/31.

PG Shutterfly


***UPDATED 11/14/15 – Today, I received ANOTHER $20 off Shutterfly code from Toys R Us Rewards! The email will come from and subject is PERK ALERT. So, now I have $80!

Toys R Us Shutter

So my plans are to get my pictures and create my perfect card. Order as close to $20 as I can get and order that many 3 times. I should only have to pay pennies and tax on one of the orders. There will be separate transactions to use all the codes, but $60 $80 in free cards is worth a little extra effort!

Be sure to check your email to see if you have these!  If you have them and will not use them, please don’t delete them! I would love to swap out my Coke one for one with free shipping and I am sure there are lots of other mamas on here who would appreciate your unused codes, too!


This post may contain sponsored or affiliate links.

Tiny Prints Example

Calling all last minute shoppers who haven’t sent your Christmas cards yet!

Tiny Prints has your back.

First, their sitewide sale of up to 30% off ends Tuesday, 12/16 at midnight PT. Second, if you order before midnight PT on 12/17, you can save $10 on their super rush shipping.

And yes, you can stack those codes!

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to Tiny Prints and choose from their selection of holiday cards. Personalize the cards with your pictures and text.

2. Use the code 30SWDEAL to save 25% on all orders and 30% on orders of $99+.

3. Stack the code SRSAVE10 if your order is more than $100 and you’ll save $10 on their super rush shipping. You’ll get the cards within two business days (if you are in the lower 48 states).