MOMS ON THE SIDE: Jennifer Rapp – Favorable Cookies and Cakes

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I am changing the way I do “Moms on the Side”. Rather than just a post to introduce you to these people, I am now going to be doing them as a review. I had a few issues in the past and have decided that free advertisement is as great a value as my reputation is. So, Moms On the Side will now be my testimony of these products.

First up is Jennifer Rapp of Favorable Cookies and Cakes.

Jennifer made cookies for Evan’s birthday last weekend. When I was browsing her Facebook page, I was amazed at the detail of her cookies! These decorative cookies tend to focus more on the art and the party theme than the taste, and I have had some that had NO taste. But, Jennifer’s were really good. They had a very subtle buttery taste and nice firm, but soft texture. In other words, they aren’t a crunchy, crumbly cookie, but they hold their shape well.  The icing isn’t crazy sweet either. It has a light crunch to it that I enjoy paired with the slightly softer cookie. (I’m more of a texture girl with some things, so pardon me if you aren’t. They taste good, too, but I love the texture matchups.)

We picked them up Friday afternoon and after a day in the zoo, we all wanted a snack. So, I got one out and we each had a little taste. Noah said, “Dis cookie is weally good, Mommy!”  Need I say more??  I had to agree.

Jennifer offers MANY themed cookies and can customize them to your party colors. The cookies were VERY reasonably priced and came individually wrapped in baggies with coordinating ribbon. FAVORS: DONE!

Here is a pic of Evan with his shirt and cake and then Jennifer’s cookies to match:


Jennifer is offering NSM readers 5 free cookies with an order of 25. Her prices star around a dollar per cookie, so this is a yummy, coordinated, packaged and very affordable party favor!  Just tell her you saw her on Northshore Mama! She does live on the Southshore, but she is close to Lakeside and she will ship. She is booking up fast, so be sure to check with her for availability!  Check out her FB page here and tell her I sent you!