Remember Pancho’s?? Try their new place for less than half price!

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If you are older than Katrina talk, then you have probably been to Pancho’s on the south shore. This was a classic favorite of so many, and one of the many things that that witch Katrina took from us. So much nostalgia when you talk about eating there…the buffet, the flags….and the warm sopapillas dripping with honey from the sticky bottles…….Mmmmmmmm

Well, the good news is, the same family has re-opened under the name TWO AMIGOS and they are in Kenner!

Right now, you can get $30 to spend there for just $15. But when you apply code SLEIGH, you will see the price drop to $11.25!

CLICK HERE to raise that flag!


What a great gift for the old Panchos fan!! Say Feliz Navidad with this little surprise!


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Right now, new Top Cash Back members can get a great deal! E.L.F. is offering $10 cash back on any purchase of $10 or more. That means you get $10 worth of stuff shipped to you for NOTHING! **If you previously signed up for Top Cash Back but did not use it, you are NEW! You are eligible for this deal! 

And if you are already using Top Cash Back, just sign up under hubby’s name! There is no household limit, but there can not be duplicate accounts in the same name. Top Cash Back works like this: You click through them to purchase and get cash back. Simple as that.

Here is how this works.

STEP 1 – CLICK HERE and you will see the below page. Add your email, password, say you saw it on a blog, then click JOIN TopCashback.

STEP 2 – Once you enter, you should land on this page:

Now that you are signed up and on the correct page:

1) Simply click the PINK “Get Offer Now” button to go to the ELF website.

2) Purchase anything for $10.00 or more (you can add anything else you want to the cart) and get $10.00 cash back.

3) Within 7 days of purchase you’ll see your transaction post to your TopCashback Account.

4) Once confirmed, your transaction will become payable within 14 days. Note: cash back may fluctuate in between that period, but will be the correct amount once payable.

It’s that simple!

CLICK HERE to get started! 

This deal can be on ANYTHING! But, my suggestion would be STOCKING STUFFERS! Once you land on the page, scroll down and look for THIS:

Click on any of those and find TONS of things that will be free with this deal! Be sure to come back and let us know what you grab! Just make sure you have $10 in your cart before tax…shipping is free, but you will likely pay the sales tax. GO SHOPPING, Y’ALL!



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TODAY ONLY – You can get 2 necklaces or bracelets for just $20 shipped. You must have 2 items in your cart (and if you have 4 and it doesn’t work, do separate transactions of 2) for this to work.

There are SO MANY styles and inspiring themes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift that makes you think of someone!  These would make awesome stocking stuffers or teacher gifts!

CLICK HERE To shop this sale, and enter code TRIBEGIFTS at checkout to drop the price!

Emergency Kits~ Make Great Stocking Stuffers!

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Keep your family safe with this Quick-Emergency solar lighting and toolkit. These hand-picked emergency items are uniquely designed to keep you safe when the power goes out. The emergency kit includes a solar lantern, two solar/crank flashlights and two multi-use home tools with over 17 functions and 26 tools! Perfect for emergencies, no need for electric!

All lights come pre-charged and ready to go Handpicked to be easy to carry and accessible.

All you see here for just $19.99 and SHIPPING IS FREE! This could be two sets of stockings stuffers PLUS the lantern!

Five-piece kit includes solar lantern, two solar flashlights, and two handheld multi-use tools.


**HOT** Get 3 Decorated Cookies for just $1.17 DELIVERED!

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Victoria and I ANTICIPATE this deal every year! It showed up today! It is not always available for everyone, so we wish you all GOOD LUCK!!!

Stop what you are doing and check your paypal account or check for an email this morning from Paypal! Check your WALLET area and search to see if you have an offer for $15 off $15 to 1-800-FLOWERS.


If you have it, you are  in luck! You can get 3 decorated cookies shipped anywhere for just $1.17 after rebate!  —

Here is how you do it.

STEP 1-  Either check your emails from PayPal or just log in and go to the WALLET tab – then under OFFERS, or try SHOP at the top and search 1800 to see if this $15 off $15 comes up.  See below for how to find these deals on your PayPal account…..


On Mobile, click the OFFERS button.

STEP 2 – Go to Ebates and search for 1800Flowers in the list of stores. Click SHOP NOW and you will be re-directed to 1800Flowers website.  (**If you are new to Ebates, set your account up first. You will choose a $10 gift card that you will receive once you have spent $25 through the Ebates site. This purchase should be $17.97 of it.) You will also receive a percentage back on most online purchases as long as you start them off in Ebates…just like we are doing now!

STEP 3 – Once you arrive at 1800Flowers site, look across the top for the tab with Cheryl’s and click that!1800flowers tabs

Now, find the search bar and enter Cookie Cards.

STEP 4 – Choose the 3 cookies that you want and add to your cart. You may ship them all to the same place, or to separate places. I chose the Elf Cookies pictured above and that will be an easy AND CHEAP treat from our Elf! You can also send them to someone else, or even schedule when you want them to ship! There are several Christmas themed choices and even a 2nd Elf option this year! Choose any 3 to add to your cart.

STEP 5 – **VERY IMPORTANT**At checkout, be sure to opt to pay with PayPal checkout.  This will take you to the PayPal site where you will log in and approve payment. The $15 offer will should show up here and will come off automatically. See below.

THAT’S IT! Within 24 hours or so….you should receive an email from Ebates showing your 10% cash back credit!  OR – you may just see this in your Ebates account like below. Factor that into the cost of the cookies, 2.97 – 1.80 and you just paid $1.17 for three decorated cookies, gift wrapped and shipped! That is less than $.40 each for these $5.99 cookies! You are welcome! (ALSO -If you are new to Ebates, you also are almost there for your $10 gift card!)


Black Friday Flash Sale! Get 4 Stocking Stuffers for $20 and FREE SHIPPING!

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Eeeeek! This is AWESOME! I love most everything that Cents of Style sends me. BUT – today, I can get SEVERAL things for just $5 each! Jewelry, hats, scarves, sunglasses EVEN BOOTIES! (Very limited at this point).

Just CLICK HERE and choose any 4 items. Apply code STOCKINGS17 at checkout and the magic of Christmas changes the price to a total of $20 for the 4! Just $5 each! Of course, shipping is ALWAYS Free!

Here is a small sample of what you may find!